Types of Kitchen Worktops



When designing your kitchen, choosing a worktop is an important decision that you will have to make. The worktop needs to look good as well as endure heavy duty. So before you purchase, consider whether you will be ready to carry on maintenance to keep its look, or you want something that is more durable. The aesthetics then come later.

Your choice of the worktop is largely influenced by your kitchen style. If you want to create impact with your kitchen, you may want to have a toned-down work surface, but if on the other hand, you have neutral doors, the worktop material from http://www.gt-ipswich.co.uk can be a real statement. Worktops like stone and stainless steel need to be modeled by the manufacturer to fit your kitchen well with cut-outs for the hob and kitchen. This is quite expensive but is may be well worth it. Read on to find out which work surface is right for you.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops come in myriad colors and finishes including polished and matt stones, wood grains, concrete, sparkling faux granites, high-shine surfaces and bright colors. It is also available in thickness of up to 60mm. Laminate has low maintenance and low cost; it is one of the cheapest ways to get a perfect look on a budget.

Wooden Worktops

Hardwood worktops such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and teak are the best way to bring a warm, rich quality to a kitchen. The costs vary depending on the wood.  To maintain the wood surface for long, you should wipe it after preparing food, mop up any spills right away to avoid staining and avoid using abrasive cleaning products. It is relatively easy to install and repair; you can sand it to remove any stains. It is an inexpensive choice depending on the type of wood you choose.

Stone Worktops

Granite is the most popular worktop used. It can fit traditional or ultra-modern kitchen styles. It differs in color, crystalline structure; texture hence produces a range of patterns and colors. Other stones that are used are marble and limestone. Marble adds class to the kitchen, but it is delicate as compared to granite as it can be damaged by sugar, alcohol, and acids. It is highly prone to scratching, and staining hence requires tender care.

Glass Worktops

These are best suited for modern kitchen designs. Glass can be lit from underneath, and its reflective surface helps in boosting the feel of the kitchen. It is a perfect choice for a focal point use and is water resistant and very hygienic.

Other worktop materials that you can select include the composite worktops, stainless steel worktops, concrete worktops, and composite worktops on kitchen worktops ipswich.


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